“Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care” - Theodore Roosevelt


"Backed by compelling data and research from multiple disciplines, The Trust Mandate breaks open the science of trust for asset managers, revealing the systematic steps clients take in their search for evidence of good intentions - the essential, but often missing, component in business relationships."

- Harriman House

Ten Best Business Books of 2018 for Financial Advisors

- WealthManagement.com


Herman Brodie is the founder of the behavioural consultancy firm, Prospecta. He has been educating and advising the world’s leading financial institutions on behavioural finance and its applications over the past 18 years. He previously held investment banking roles in London, Paris and Frankfurt, after graduating from the University of Manchester. He is co-author and lecturer of the investment course, A Practical History of Financial Markets,  has penned numerous articles on practical behavioural economics, and is a popular keynote speaker.

Klaus Harnack is a lecturer and academic counsellor for work and organisational psychology at the University of Muenster. He received his Ph.D. in social psychology and motivation from the University of Konstanz. Besides his academic work, he provides interdisciplinary knowledge transfer in a wide range of industries. His utilises psychological insights and strategies to support professionals in their decision-making, negotiation and conflict management. He is an author and scientific columnist.

Herman Brodie
Klaus Harnack



07 Aug 2020

Larry Swedroe, Chief Research Officer at Buckingham Strategic Wealth draws on the insights from 'The Trust Mandate' to cast a critical eye on the performance of investment consultants.

15 Dec 2019

David Finley, Founder and CEO of Living Wealth, lists the Trust Mandate among his "mix of new-age marketing tips and foundational reads to help grow your advisory practice."

Herman Brodie is one of the eleven engaging speakers sharing the latest thinking about the art and science of marketing for Financial Planners at this one-day conference from Bamford Media.

16 May 2019

David Pugh, global head of sales and marketing at The Fry Group, explains how chemistry helps advisers attract and retain clients in an article for International Adviser

07 May 2019

Richard Lehman, adjunct professor of behavioral finance at UC Berkeley Extension and at Golden Gate University, delves into the behavioural science of asset manager selection and retention for Proactive Advisor Magazine - with help from The Trust Mandate.

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