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“Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care” - Theodore Roosevelt

"Backed by compelling data and research from multiple disciplines, The Trust Mandate breaks open the science of trust for asset managers, revealing the systematic steps clients take in their search for evidence of good intentions - the essential, but often missing, component in business relationships."

- Harriman House

Ten Best Business Books of 2018 for Financial Advisors


You [Herman Brodie] are without question the “trust” expert. I can’t recommend your work highly enough. 

- David Pugh, CEO, The Fry Group


Herman Brodie is the founder of the behavioural consultancy firm, Prospecta. He has been educating and advising the world’s leading financial institutions on behavioural finance and its applications over the past 20 years. He previously held investment banking and consultancy roles in London, Paris and Frankfurt, after graduating from the University of Manchester. He is co-author and lecturer of the investment course, Advanced Valuation in Financial Markets, a Senior Fellow at the Center for Board Certified Fiducuiaries, where he specialises in Behavioural Ethics, an International Faculty Member at the Portfolio Construction Forum, and is a popular keynote speaker.

Klaus Harnack is a cognitive scientist, business psychologist and behavioural consultant. Beyond his work as a professional trainer, he teaches negotiation, collective decision-making, and business- and financial psychology at several universities. He studied law, cognitive science, and psychology in Berlin, Osnabrück, Sofia and Amsterdam, and received his doctorate from the University of Konstanz. He is an author and scientific columnist, and acts as an advisor in the financial industry, especially in the field of fintech and sustainable finance. The focus of his consulting work is on practice-oriented science transfer. Klaus Harnack is the second chairperson of the German Peace Psychology Forum.

Herman Brodie
Klaus Harnack
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3 May 2023

Finology Summit 2023

Uncertainty - Exploring human factors in portfolio construction – beliefs, behaviours and principles – that influence portfolio construction, to help you build better quality investor portfolios.

26 April 2023

Joint Investment Conference 2023

The 2023 Joint Investment Conference features a range of high-profile fund managers from twelve of the UK's leading investment groups, as well as a host of external speakers, including Herman Brodie

29 November 2022

Event: Investments & Wealth Forum - New York City 2022

On the second day of this three-day event, Herman Brodie delivers a General Session about the ethical limits to the kind of active trust building recommended in his book, 'The Trust Mandate, .

16 November 2022

Investment Week Leaders' Summit 2022

Herman Brodie discusses the implications of 'The Trust Mandate' with leaders from the investments and savings industry

4 November 2022

Why there's no truth in: 'Trust takes years to build, but seconds to destroy'

While many advisors may believe that “trust takes years to build, but can be destroyed in seconds”, one specialist in behavioural economics says it’s not true.

3 October 2022

Event: Investments & Wealth Forum - Toronto 2022

Herman Brodie delivers the opening keynote and answer questions on The Trust Mandate at this one-day event. He also hosts a Women in Wealth discussion panel

22 September 2022

Article: Why trust is a must for financial advisors

Behavioural economics expert Herman Brodie reveals the two crucial components to a trust-driven client relationship

13 September 2022

Article: Establishing a Trusted Relationship with Your Financial Advisor

The AdvisorSmart® Investor Blog aims to help investors in the United States to select and retain objective, fee-only financial advisors. We write about how to find objective financial advice and also how to avoid getting deceived or fleeced by Wall Street financial advisors.

27 May 2022

Event: The Standard Deviations Podcast

The Standard Deviations podcast is a weekly production that looks at money, mind and meaning, all through a psychological lens. Each week, psychologist and New York Times bestselling author Dr. Daniel Crosby interviews a fascinating new guest, experts in everything from finance to literature to wellness. In this edition Herman Brodie speaks about The Power of Trust.

5 May 2022

Event: The Exceptional Adviser Podcast

In this edition, Robert Powell, the editor of The Street’s Retirement Daily, quizzes Herman Brodie about the scientific drivers of high-trust client-adviser relationships. The pair also discuss some of the insights of the behavioral sciences for those contemplating retirement, as well as for those advising them.

21 December 2020

Article: Es geht um Vertrauen und Transparenz

Der Psychologe und Mediator Dr. Klaus Harnack ist an der Westfälischen Wilhelms-Universität Münster am Institut für Psychologie am Lehrstuhl für Arbeitspsychologie WOP tätig. Er hat zusammen mit Herman Brodie das Buch „The Trust Mandate“ geschrieben. Im Interview mit Wirtschaft aktuell erklärt er aus der wissenschaftlichen Perspektive, worauf es in der Corona-Zeit bei der Kommunikation mit Mitarbeitern ankommt und wie Unternehmen auch in der Krise Vertrauen zu Kunden aufbauen können.

6 August 2020

News: TEBI - More Proof that Consultants Can't Pick Winning Funds

Larry Swedroe, Chief Research Officer at Buckingham Strategic Wealth draws on the insights from 'The Trust Mandate' to cast a critical eye on the performance of investment consultants.

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